Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Search & Replace in Total Commander

Sadly there is no built-in Search & Replace functionality in Total Commander. The powerful Multi-rename option can only be used on file names.
However I've found a great plugin named 'FileFactory' by Russian author 'WhiteWind'.
The drawback is that it is a WCX (Packer) plugin, so you have to use Alt-F5, the shortcut used for creating zip files and such, and choose "ff_dummy" as packer name.
But what's cool is that you can use the Total Commander search tool, then choose 'Feed To Listbox' and apply your replacing on the resulting file list.


nlac said...

Hi Raz-L,

it looks great but.. don't you have any idea why it doesn't allow to replace to a string having single quote? It simply ignores the single quote in the replacement, also colors the replacement string to red if that has a s.q.


Benoit Jadinon said...

I don't know, maybe you can contact the developer ?

Anonymous said...

You are GREAT! this is a lifesaver plugin. Thank You!